Pojer e Sandri Wine Dinner at Locanda | October 11

Join us for a night of Trento-Alto Adige wines from winemakers Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri. We’ll have a special four(+) course menu from Chef Melissa Reitz, alongside our daily-changing menu, plus optional Pojer e Sandri wine pairings. 
Book your table here: bit.ly/LocandaPojereSandri18
Dinner: $80 | Wine Pairing: $44
McFarland Springs Smoked Trout - fire-roasted peppers, late summer heirloom tomatoes
Sauvignon Blanc, Faedo, Trento  2015
•  •  •  •
Schlutzkrapfen - ricotta di bufala, chanterelles, speck, rye
Brut Rosato, Faedo, Trento  NV
•  •  •  •
Guinea Hen Ballontine - cauliflower mantecato, sauerkraut
Pinot Noir, Faedo, Trento  2015
•  •  •  •
Moretini Pear Granita - pet nat poached pear, meyer lemon crema
Pet Nat of Solaris “Zero Infinito”  NV
Why Pojer e Sandri?
I recently discovered Pojer e Sandri through an importer and old friend. The winery is located in Faedo in the Valle di Cembra in Trento. It started with two friends, Fiorentino Sandri and Marco Pojer on just two hectares. Today, Federico Sandri is the winemaker and they have a wide range of wines, grappa, eau-de-vie, and vinegars.
The wines are expressive of their terroir, delicious, and approachable.
I visited the winery early this year. Seeing all the vineyards and how much labor and meticulous attention to detail goes into the work in the vineyards and the cellar, I appreciated the wines so much more. These wines are truly an expression of the families’ vision, devotion to their land, and passion.

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