Barebottle Tap Takeover at Palo Alto | Friday, July 20 (and until the kegs kick)


We’re kicking off Silicon Valley Beer Week with a Barebottle Tap Takeover.
We’ll have limited edition brews created just for Pizzeria Delfina and special menu items to match. Check it out:

PD Apri-Mango Dust IPA - Stone-fruit forward, perfect for the patio, and made just for Pizzeria Delfina Palo Alto

Speck w/ nectarines & crème fraîche

- - -

PD Kölschlager - Inspired by Goldschlager, this is a combo of a Kölsch and Lager...with a twist: edible sparkle in the beer! It’s crisp and clean with light, sweet, oyster cracker-like character and floral and spicy notes

Mozzarella in Carozza w/ anchovy brown butter

- - -

PD Piña Colada Shakes IPA - Think: pineapple-coconut milkshake...need we say any more?

Local Halibut Crudo w/ pine nut croccante, chilies & agretti

- - -

Any Beans Necessary Golden Ale - Pale, smooth, and complex with hints of vanilla and coffee aromas; served from crowlers (can growlers)!

Caramel Swirl Gelato di Bufala

We’ll start pouring on Friday and keep pouring throughout the week or until the kegs kick. Stop in at the bar then stay for lunch or dinner. Book a table here.

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