Pitch Perfect Pizzeria Picnic Baskets

Pre-order for no line. $30 gets you salad, pizza, and dessert.

Sundown on Saturday, June 11th is Dolores Park's “Pitch Perfect” Movie in the Park.

To aid in your enjoyment of such a fantastic flick, we're pre-selling Pizzeria Picnic Baskets! These goodie bags are stocked with: Insalata Tricolore, Margherita Pizza, and TCHO Chocolate Pot di Crema. Best of all: no wait.

Just buy a ticket here: pitchperfectpizza.eventbrite.com. Then, day-of, grab your goods and go. Seriously? Yes - we're Dixie Chicks serious.

Keep in mind:

  • For larger orders, consider calling 48 hours ahead and placing a Pizzeria Delfina catering order; menu available on pizzeriadelfina.com.
  • Only 30 Picnic Baskets are available per hour (10 per 20 minute increment.)
  • Tickets sales end Saturday, June 11th at 9:00 AM. To inquire about day-of availability, or with any additional questions, please give us a ring at: 415.437.6800.
  • “Pitch Perfect” estimated start time: 8:32 PM, so plan accordingly.